John C. Maxwell Certification Program Team Facebook Policy

Get started by requesting to join the John Maxwell Team Facebook Page by sending an email to In your email, please include the email address associated with the Facebook account that you would like to use.

We have created an official “John Maxwell Team” secret Facebook group for your convenience to interact and connect with other team members. Only team members are permitted to join. Participation in the Facebook group is OPTIONAL. To join, follow the instructions above.


Participation in the John Maxwell Team Facebook page and/or the John Maxwell Mentorship Facebook page is a privilege. Please read through, adhere to and accept these terms and conditions:


The spirit of the JMT Facebook pages is to unite our tribe of like-minded individuals through our consistent expression of JMT/DNA across the globe.  As a community, we encourage each other in sharing our wins as well as our learns.  We do this in the spirit of giving to our fellow team members, with no expectation or intention to personally gain or self-promote our businesses. Our platform further provides a way for our Faculty and administrative support team to effectively communicate important messages in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Facebook pages also provide a means to share a consistent flow of relevant and accessible information with one another. It is our responsibility to manage these comments for the benefit of our JMT brand and to make the most out of our opportunities to engage with others as the community scales to larger numbers. Taking this into account, please recognize the importance of adhering to the following guidelines:


  • Avoid posting videos of any kind unless previously approved by the John Maxwell Team.
  • Avoid sharing or adding content and posts that are distracting and causes difficulty in finding posts and announcements.  This includes but is not limited to:
    • Sharing Memes unless previously approved by the John Maxwell Team;
    • Using or sharing GIFs;
    • Using colored backgrounds
    • Polling members
    • Avoid sharing pictures that add no specific learning value to the team or do not strengthen our community. Never post pictures that promote your programs, books, upcoming events etc. This is considered solicitation.  Personal pictures should be posted on your personal page and not JMT Facebook pages.
    • You may share pictures of JMT members meeting members, JMT Live events, Awards and Wins, Mastermind Groups, the occasional family celebration such as marriage, a new baby, etc. that help build community.
    • Do not post quotes, external links, generic inspirational messages. These should be posted to your personal pages.


    • Avoid posting a daily diary of your accomplishments.  When you post wins, please share how you utilized JMT program resources or faculty support in achieving results.
    • Share wins that you have accomplished using JMT materials or based on learning from curriculum.  Sharing wins and how you achieved a success or goal is helpful for demonstrating the many paths to success using our programs, resources, and support. Members with specific questions about HOW to build a business or use our resources must be directed to a resource call where one of our Faculty Members or Peer Teaching Partners can properly educate. The Facebook pages are not meant for members to “teach” other members.
    • No external links.
    • NEVER, under any circumstances, post call-in numbers to the Facebook pages or distribute them by any other method. This is designed to protect your investment. Refer the individual to the Online Platform. Any access issues should be addressed to support staff.
    • Limit the length of your Facebook posts.  If you start out apologizing for the length, the post is too long.  Guideline: Posts should be no more than 2 paragraphs 3-4 lines each.
    • Never post links to your own website or any third-party website or on-line resources, including John Maxwell resources on the Facebook pages.
    • Do not ask anyone to share any resources whether in or outside of the program. Any sharing of resources must go through Community Share approval process on website.
    • Do not share JMT program or mentorship resources with each other.  Direct members to the Online Platform.


    • No promotion of your own business, business events or business assets.
    • Do not solicit, promote or invite members to join lists or Facebook groups, buy/attend participate in book launches, events, seminars, webinars, speaking events or masterminds.
    • Do not include members in groups without their knowledge or permission.
    • Do not promote non-profit or for profit events/programs.
    • Do not request other team member’s email addresses for communication.  Share your email with team members at your own risk.


    • Please include an appropriate profile picture of yourself.
    • Profile name – include the name in which your JMT account is registered.


  • Grievances (any actual or proposed circumstances causing complaint) should not be discussed on the Facebook pages. Grievances or complaints should be appropriately addressed to to assure that they are transferred to and answered by the appropriate person in a timely fashion.  Likewise, any suggestions, ideas or questions should be addressed to and not posted to the Facebook pages.

Not everyone has the same access to the site. Access is based on a person’s payment plan and good standing in the program. We have some members who have paid in full and not yet attended the live event and therefore are not graduated. Some of these people have had the access to the program shut off until they do attend. Please support them in their commitment to complete the program by NOT sharing the site resources with anyone and please allow our admin team to make these decisions.

On behalf of John and his entire team, we thank you in advance for your help and support.

Together we can add value to each other and our clients.

I accept these terms and conditions and will abide by this policy. If I violate any of these terms and conditions, I understand that I risk removal from the Facebook page.