JMT Culture Awards

Past Winners

Model Consistency Noel Martinez
Add Value & Value People Nathan Cook
Exceed Expectations Mike Weiglein
Willfully Grow Richard Mobley
Equip Others Marie Cosgrove
Live Intentionally Mary Riesberg
Lead and Lift Others Melanie Massey Groves
Demonstrate a Positive Attitude Michelle Mras
Nurture Transformation Maria Feekes
Allow Room for Faith Rick Speas


Model Consistency Dan Caldwell
Add Value & Value People Tom Telesco
Exceed Expectations Mitch Tublin
Willfully Grow Amy Malay
Equip Others Ed Reed
Live Intentionally Lynne Brown
Lead and Lift Others Rashida Jourdain
Demonstrate a Positive Attitude Gina Watts
Nurture Transformation Melissa Albers
Allow Room for Faith Becky Spieth


JMT Talent

“Change the World” written and performed by JMT member Jill Miller

If you would like to have a customized version of this song or a custom band song for your speaking and coaching business, email Mentorship Team Member Jill Miller at

Click Here to download now.