We are very excited to introduce our Spanish Platform of the Online Curriculum – Maxwell Leadership Certified Team

The original intent to add value to Spanish speaking members who invested on the English version of our certification program was to provide translated resources and subtitled videos.

As this effort progressed, our member services team and our Spanish Success Roadmap Leaders received feedback from Spanish-speaking members that while they valued the content, what they truly needed was comprehensive support similar to what is available in English. This request was much more than the original scope of the initiative.

The Team continued adding translated content to the English Platform and concurrently started exploring what it would take to put together a full certification program in Spanish including a teaching team, administrative support, member services, a Spanish-friendly experience at the IMC event and a dedicated community on Facebook. Maxwell Leadership Certified Team is the result.

The slightly condensed Spanish Platform provides a comprehensive certification program and fully supports to the Spanish-speaking community to fully position them for success.

This new opportunity is being positioned at an investment that is very appealing to the Latin American community and includes the IMC live event along with the expected access to the Spanish faculty, administrative support, new member support, and translated resources.

Members of the English certification who speak Spanish are not required to join the Spanish Platform.

As a member of the English Platform, you have the opportunity to receive access the Spanish Platform, with all the benefits listed above, for an investment of only $500.

This is a one-time investment to be recognized as a Founding Member of the Spanish Platform and receive all the above benefits for life.

To get a preview of what is included on the Spanish Platform, CLICK HERE to go to jmtespanol.com

If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, please email soporte@johnmaxwellteam.com