America’s Supernanny, Dr. Deborah Tillman, invites you to become certified to use the same transformative parenting methods she has used with families all over the country!

Imagine if parents learned to truly value their roles as parents and family members learned to become good examples for children to follow. What would our world be like? What if we really were committed, as a village, to leave no child behind?

Every parent has the power to change the face of parenting in the 21st century. The Maxwell Parenting and Family Certification program will provide parents and families with the tools to effectively lead their homes. The intensive program is systematic and begins inside of us. When we change ourselves, we can transform our lives. When we transform our lives we can transform our homes. When we transform our homes we can transform our communities. When we transform our communities we can transform our country, and when we transform our country, we can transform the world.


The vision of the Parenting and Family Certification program is to build a strong, vibrant, purpose-driven and effective MOVEMENT of Parent and Family Coaches who are committed to equipping, empowering and enlightening families to become the highest version of themselves so that the next generation has every opportunity to reach their Divine Destiny.


Our mission is to develop Parent and Family Coaches who are committed to serving others by bringing this approach to parents and families in their own communities first. Parent and Family Coaches will develop mastery in the practice and communication of the Maxwell Parenting & Family approach and will be equipped with the tools, techniques, tips and strategies to coach and guide parents using proven strategies.


The goal is to intentionally work together with parents, families, schools, churches, organizations and communities etc., in order to raise, rebuild and restore a brighter future for families nationally and internationally.



The blueprint provides a welcome and introduction to the certification. It explains what is covered in the curriculum and gives the Coach guidance on how to become a Maxwell Certified Parenting and Family Coach.


This is a pre-session assessment that allows the Coach to gather information about each parent/family so they can prescribe the right mix of Maxwell Parenting & Family resources and coaching sessions.


Part 1 of the EQUIP ME module includes The Heart of Parenting curriculum certifies the coach to facilitate Lunch & Learns and Coaching Sessions with Parents to introduce them to the Maxwell program using these 5 over-arching lessons:

  • Session 1: You are Chosen
  • Session 2: Step Out of the Past into the Present
  • Session 3: The New YOU
  • Session 4: Live Your Best Life
  • Session 5: Be Intentional

Part 2 of the EQUIP ME module includes the 10 foundational principles of the Maxwell Parenting & Family certification. This certifies the coach to facilitate Lunch & Learns, Coaching Sessions, and half-day workshops.

» The EQUIP ME module includes a total of 16 training videos led by instructor, Dr. Deborah Tillman


Based on John’s teaching that growth requires stretching, the STRETCHING METHOD curriculum certifies the coach to facilitate Lunch & Learns, Coaching Sessions, and half-day workshop on 10 ways to improve their parenting skills.


  • Set an Example
  • Treat Everyone Better
  • Respond Don’t React
  • Encourage and Empower
  • Tame Our Tongue

  • Connection Before Correction
  • Have an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Invest in Yourself
  • Never Give Up Hope
  • Go and Be A Light

» The EMPOWER ME module includes a total of 12 training videos led by instructor, Dr. Deborah Tillman


The Values System curriculum certifies the coach to facilitate Lunch & Learns, Coaching Sessions, and a Half-day Workshop on 10 family values that address common family matters, including:

  • Take off the Mask
  • Duty of Dads, Missions of Moms
  • Parenting as a Team
  • The 5 P’s of Parenting
  • Build Strong Family Relationships
  • Create a Calm Environment

  • The Bond of Blended Families
  • The Strength of Special Needs Families
  • Survive & Thrive as a Single Parent
  • Raise Financially Fit Children

» The EXPAND ME module includes a total of 11 training videos led by instructor, Dr. Deborah Tillman

Plus! Additional Resources to Use To Add Even More Value:

  • 52 Maxwell Parenting & Family Values Cards
  • Maxwell Parenting & Family Accountability Guidebook
  • Maxwell Parenting & Family A to Z Best Practices Guides


Dr. Deborah Tillman

“Families Matter Because the Future Matters.”

Known around the world as America’s Supernanny, Deborah began her career as a parenting and family coach as a second profession that she pursued because she could not find acceptable childcare for her son.

Before Deborah Tillman became America’s Supernanny, she had her share of living through seven horrific childcare providers and day care center experiences with her young son – from being left in a car seat for over 5 hours sweating profusely to being given the wrong breast milk, to – and this was the last strike – being found in a bassinet with an empty bottle in his mouth as he was sucking nothing but air – Deborah decided to take matters into her own hands.

She surrendered to God and simply asked: What do YOU want me to do? That is when she heard seven distinct words: “I WANT YOU TO DO IT BETTER.”

She quit her very lucrative accounting job the next day and opened her own childcare facility called Happy Home Christian Leadership Academy for Early Learners, Inc, the first of the three centers she now owns, and she has been leading the charge of improving the lives of children and families across the globe ever since.

Deborah has been working with parents and families for over 25 years. This partnership with her will open the door for Maxwell Leadership Certified Team members to join a new movement: To bring leadership values into homes all over the world.


Dr. Deborah has helped thousands of families improve their quality of life using her proven parenting and family coaching practices. Here are a few stories from her clients.

Testimonial 1

Kathryn L.

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Every time I listen to Dr. Deborah Tillman speak about families and parenting, I’m struck by her wisdom and integrity, her compassion, and capacity to connect and build community. Tillman shares research about child development and parenting with remarkable clarity, empathy, and love. She inspires parents everywhere to learn how to express and respond to emotions in ways that expand rather than diminish a child’s potential. Her unwavering message is that when we change how we parent, we change the world.

Reggie J.

Founder & CEO, Orange

Dr. Deborah Tillman is changing the way a generation parents their kids. Her voice is reshaping the way we see and do family. Listen to what she says if you want to win in your home.

Testimonial 3

Testimonial 2

Kristen I.

President, Orange & Parent Cue

Dr. Tillman truly is a light for any who encounter her. She illuminates challenging situations with her unique blend of intellect and practical wisdom. And she illuminates our soul with the kind of hope we so desperately need. To spend a day with Deborah is to feel both seen and elevated.

Once you become certified and begin working with clients of your own, this is what you have to look forward to.
The difference is they will be talking about YOU!