Please Read This Important Notice

Dear JMT member,

As we end 2017, I want to make you aware of some changes to our non-core resources and to the rights of their use, that will be effective January 1, 2018.

After much discussion with the Executive Committee of my President’s Advisory Council (PAC), including PAC President, John Griffin, I have made some small changes to the JMT resources and the rights to how those resources are used by our members.

Since our inception, John Maxwell has written more than six books and has gifted to the JMT members the right to use them for paid Mastermind Groups, Lunch & Learns, and other services our members wanted to provide for a fee to their customers. 

He has also allowed our members to use the John Maxwell Company’s (JMC) corporate resource, The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership, for use as a free Mastermind resource, however, as we expand the JMT and begin to partner more closely with the JMC through our Club Level, Executive Director program, we will be redirecting some of these resources and the rights to use them in different ways.

Please familiarize yourself with the new “Resource and Rights of Use” document attached to see these new changes. 

If you are currently leading a program that uses any of these resources in a manner that is inconsistent with the new “Resource and Rights of Use” document, you may go ahead and finish that program.

If you have already scheduled and marketed a program or event using one of these resources in a manner that is inconsistent with the new “Resource and Rights of Use” document, for some event or program in the future, you will need to register that event with our Member Services team now by sending an email to, and giving us the date of the event, the resource you will be using, the manner in which you will be using it, and a copy of the marketing you have already posted or sent out to your clients, and you may then use the resource for that one last time to honor your commitment. 

None of these changes affect any of the core resources you paid for or that were given as a bonus for joining a new level of membership like the Mentorship Program or Club Level. They only affect a limited number of resources and or uses that were gifted for the time of the release of the resource.

John has committed to continue to allow members to use, with limited rights, all of his future works as his contract with his publishers allows.

We will post these additions to our team Facebook pages and email all members those rights as they become available.

I join you in thanking John for his giving spirit over the years in equipping us and extending the rights to all of these additional resources to all of us over the years.

I know as we expand the resources in both the Mentorship and Club Level programs we will be adding value to those programs, while still providing the most robust leadership development resource library on the market today to all of our members.

Click here for the Resource and Rights of Use Document.

To your success,
Paul Martinelli
Paul Martinelli
President, The John Maxwell Team