Principles and Guidelines for Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Social Media Groups

1. Images: communicate using static (not GIF or Video) images in good taste; avoid links to (or posts shared from) other sites.

2. General Content: relate clearly to our MLCT lanes of business, MLCT events, products, or services; share short relevant questions or ideas; encourage one another.

3. Successes and Recommendations: share successes directly attributable to our MLCT lanes of business, MLCT events, products or services and connected primarily to your growth or “first time ever” moments.

4. Hiring: hiring or collaborating with fellow MLCT team members is encouraged within our MLCT lanes; team members are responsible for vetting of all opportunities and persons as well as if and when to share contact information off the pages; related discussion and questions should go through personal messaging rather than be explored within the post.

5. Solicitation: avoid requests to sell or promote any MLCT or non-MLCT products or services on the pages; avoid invitations to public events or other group pages.

6. Inspiration: personal stories (not inspirational quotes) and testimonies of perseverance and resilience from experience are welcome; these posts should not lead to overt teaching.

7. Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Intellectual Property: never share call-in numbers, passwords, or links to the online platform.

8. Grievances: frustrations should be emailed to and not debated from within the posts and comments of the pages.

Our Maxwell Leadership Certified Team members are invited to report posts that appear outside of these guidelines. When deletions are occasionally made to posts, a notification should appear on the personal FB page of the member notifying them of the reason. Emails are welcome at if further discussion is desired. Likewise, any suggestions, ideas or questions should be addressed to and not posted to the Facebook pages.

On behalf of John and his entire team, we thank you in advance for your help and support.

Together we can add value to each other and our clients.

I accept these terms and conditions and will abide by this policy. If I violate any of these terms and conditions, I understand that I risk removal from the Facebook page.