Welcome to the Maxwell Leadership Corporate Facilitator Program!

This program is designed for both corporations and individuals who want to develop their ability to develop and hone their facilitation skills so they may facilitate effective sessions with teams as well as leverage John C. Maxwell’s 50+ years of developing content to assist leadership development and enhance the culture of organizations. This is achieved through both core facilitation methods and Maxwell Leadership’s content, skills-based training, tools, global network, and resources that will add value to the individual and their organization.

Developing your facilitation and training skills is fundamental to the success of the learning environment. Training delivery and facilitation is one of the 23 capabilities in the Association for Talent Development’s new Talent Development Capability Model, which encompasses the knowledge and skills TD professionals need now and in the future. In this program, you will explore methods, techniques, and challenges that comprise facilitation as well as receive best-in-class leadership, from the World’s Most Influential Leader, Dr. John C. Maxwell. Facilitating Maxwell Leadership’s leadership and team culture content can strengthen your legacy, attract top talent, and increase employee engagement.

The Facilitation/Training Spectrum

The Maxwell Corporate Facilitation Program will provide you with both content and process. This is often expressed as:

Process + Content = Results.

Through intensive training with our Master Facilitators, Maxwell Leadership Corporate Facilitators receive everything they need to offer our workshops to their teams, including:

  • Instructions in logistics for setting up and facilitating the workshop
  • In-depth workbook with practical facilitator guide
  • PowerPoint presentation materials
  • Handout(s)
  • Promotional Tools
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Program Template Brochure and Flyers
  • World Class Facilitation Skills Training


What are facilitation skills?

Facilitation skills are the abilities you use to provide opportunities and resources to a group of people that enable them to make progress and succeed. Some examples include being prepared, setting guidelines, being flexible, active listening and managing time. The skills and knowledge outlined in training delivery and facilitation prepare the training professional to elevate their ability to be a true educational consultant.

Facilitation skills are less about being an outspoken leader and more about allowing everyone else to contribute. As a facilitator, you bring the team together and create a common goal that everyone can be a part of. You then move the conversation toward the common goal and provide whatever is needed for your team to successfully reach it. A facilitator’s main objective is to lead their team without getting directly involved by encouraging participation and creativity.

“Those with facilitation skills can help to bring about an environment of learning and collaboration.”

What You Will Learn

  • Different adult learning modalities to support the facilitation of materials to learners in various settings.
  • Identify the necessary steps to create an environment that is conducive to deliver both face-to-face and virtual training.
  • Create and execute facilitation plans that prepare you for a successful learner-centered event.
  • Discover and apply appropriate delivery strategies and methods that address various learner preferences and cognitive needs in the learning environment, allowing you to reach the desired outcomes of the team.
  • Demonstrate adult learning principles and effective facilitation techniques to assess and ensure a supportive learning environment.
  • Discover a variety of facilitation techniques to create professional and engaging learning experiences for individuals and teams.
  • Use a variety of techniques to engage participants, communicate effectively, and manage group dynamics and behaviors during an event.
  • Learn and demonstrate ways to keep a virtual environment engaging and productive.
  • Engage and learn with a peer group solely focused on corporate and group facilitation. Led by Maxwell Leadership, you will have an opportunity to grow your facilitation skills as well as learn best in class leadership curriculums that you will be certified to deliver to your organization or group.


  • You will also be provided access to the best in class coaching curriculum and coach: Maxwell Method of Coaching, led by world renowned coach, Mrs. Valorie Burton.
  • Weekly Corporate Facilitator calls with other facilitators to discuss and learn new trends, topics, facilitation techniques and curriculum. This is a supportive group of your peers to learn and grow from.


Each year, Maxwell Leadership is committed to providing two new pieces of content, focused on growing people, teams and your organization’s capacity to lead. You will then be equipped to deliver this training for your teams in your organization. We will provide training and education as well as facilitation tools and techniques to enable the most successful learning environments.

A great leader has the knowledge and experience to light the way for others. A great leader leads by example, creating an influence in which others want to engage. Great leaders can communicate and influence those around them. We are excited to partner with you to help you become a better leader and help others do the same.

As a Maxwell Leadership Corporate Facilitator, you will learn how to leverage the leadership content, tools and resources found here to help turn your leaders into transformational leaders with influence and impact, so everyone wins.

Enjoy the journey!

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